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Ice Solutions - Experience, flexibility, economy and best warranty.
We design, build and install your custom ice rink.

Ice RinkThe best proposal
At Very N'ICE we have a great variety of proposals for your project: from the design of your ice rink (for multiple aims), through design stages, development, manufacture and assembly. Always considering your objectives and, of course, your budget. We have an incredible variety of materials and product lines. For this reason we are the most flexible company of the market at the time of offering to you the best alternative for your Ice Rink Project. From a small ice rink of 100 m² to a professional installation thought to receive massive public with total security.

Prices and warranty
A new and revolutionary design and building, allow us to fit to all budgets, even to reduced ones. From the beginning, our commercial team will help you to define your necessities, adjusting your project in order to get the best return of your investment. This guarantees that the ice and all installed accessories will have the best quality for your benefit and your visitors.

Until 30 % of energy saving
Save: one of most important factors to keep in mind at the time to install an ice rink, must be the power consumption to create and to maintain the ice. With our exclusive system, in addition to simplify the mounting process, you will be able to save until a 30% in electrical consumption.

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